10 June 2020:A hail storm passes over Observatory.

At 2pm on 9 June, Observatory Resident set up two marquees on the Observatory Common, which would be able to shield roughly 20 homeless people from the rain.

Guyse did this in anticipation of the cold front that arrived later that evening.

Law enforcement refused to allow the tent to remain as erecting tents on city owned land is in contravention of a by-law.

“We know there’s a bylaw against tents here, however, it’s raining.The sooner there’s acceptable local shelter available, the sooner we will be able to take these tents down. But we are not prepared to wait passively while an eventual plan is made and implemented,” said Guyse.

Guyse as well as the Observatory Community Action Network have requested assistance from the city to provide shelter in Observatory.

“Our guiding principle that every resident of Observatory, formal or informal, has the right to remain here in safety, and our work is to support that”, says Guyse.

So far the city has refused to engage with them on making shelter available in Observatory, suggesting homeless people go to existing homeless shelters instead.:Photographer: Barry Christianson.